I will deliver a snazzy voiceover that wows the crowds


Do you need a top-notch ad with a confidentrelatabledynamic, silky-smooth voice that will cast a spell on your audience and compel them to “CLICK HERE?”

Order my gig now to give your ad that spellbinding, special something that will generate leads!

Non-union voiceovers can cost a minimum $150 for a 100 word script! ,my prices give you the chance at having a professionally recorded & edited voiceover at a minimum 90% discount!!

Hire me today and turn your snoozer ad into a snazzy ad!

Spanish to English and English to Spanish Translation now available!

Scriptwriting now available!

Please purchase a COMMERCIAL USE extra if it’s for UN-PAID advertising platforms.

Please purchase a FULL BROADCAST extra if it’s for PAID advertising platforms.

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