I will record an adult american male voice over

Reach out to me first so I can accurately quote your project!:)

So, why hire me?

I provide professional quality audio. 
Reason #2
I have skills with vocal performance. This includes many avenues such as Voice over, Narration, Commercial reads, Professional/corporate reads.
My voice is known as being: warm, friendly, conversational and guy next door.
Reason #3
I am prompt. There\’s no beating around the bush here. I work efficiently and keep the promises I make. Once your order goes through, it\’s my priority to give you a satisfactory product.

Bonus Reason:
I\’m super friendly and easy going. You\’ll find me very communicative and very welcoming to any feedback you may have!
I really look forward to connecting with you and giving your project the voice over it needs!

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