I will record american voiceover for your business in many voices


Voiceover for Business Projects:

This full-service recording Gig is perfect for your business! , and automatically includes Commercial Rights and HQ wav files.  Broadcast Rights can be added for paid marketing channels like TV, Theater, Radio, or Streaming Services like Audible, Netflix or Youtube.  

Katie\’s Voices, Skills & Exp.:

  • Fluent American-English as her native language.
  • 20 years VO experience, including Animations, Tutorials, Commercial Advertisements, etc.
  • Vocal range includes the clarity and precision needed for technical instruction, or the vibrant character voices for: children, teen boys or girls, soccer moms, bumbling sidekicks, superheroes, evil villains, grandmas & chipmunks!
  • Just Listen to Katie\’s Character demo!

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