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If it\’s a professional announcer your seek, your search is over. I am an award-winning Los Angeles broadcaster with 40+ years in the business, voice over artist, radio host, Anaheim Ducks Public Address Announcer. I will voice your commercial, documentary, instructional video, audio book, podcast intro, image liner, outgoing voice mail message/system messages and more.

Styles: Deep voice, warm, authority, gravitas. Adult, Senior. Announcer, Movie Trailer, Monster Truck. Instructional, friendly, well-spoken. 

Regional Dialects as needed: Texas. Mid-West.

Everything is recorded in a professional studio with high-end equipment.

If a live, directed session is required, SourceConnect, Skype, and Phone Patch are my tools of choice. 

Check out my new package offerings.

Gig extras offer you a full suite of production enhancements.

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