I will record a professional white collar australian accent


Not all Australian accents are based on Crocodile Dundee. Get that white collar, professional Australian voice over to help your business, podcast, video or film, sound professional and authentic. 

Perfect for financial, real estate, legal and business services that target white collar clients. And ‘yes’, all recordings are professionally ‘de-breathed’, compressed, equalised, and normalised. A reverb voice-over is also added for NO EXTRA PRICE for orders of $10 and more. 

Voice only:
Every 25 words = 1 gig ($5)

Add YOUR music to voice-over = +$10

Add MY music to voice-over = +$40

AND I can also add my voice-over and music to YOUR PowerPoint slide deck or animated video to create a video format = +$40

ALSO, I read your script EXACTLY as it is received. Choose ‘proofread script’ and I will fix any grammar or punctuation in your script.

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