I will record high quality character voice acting


I’m a professional voice artist, and creative sound producer, with 22 years of experience. I deliver broadcast quality sound.

  • Commercial Rights
  • Extra words are just $10 per 100.
  • This gig is for ONE character voice. Please contact me for a quote if you need more.
  • Please send me a message. I’m available 7 days a week.
  • I’ve recorded TV Commercials, for many International award-winning clients.
  • I offer many extra services for an additional fee, such as voice-to-video synchronisation.
  • I produce broadcast quality sound using $14,000+ of recording studio equipment.
  • I record all of my vocals in an acoustically treated booth, for pristine sound quality.
  • I speak the world’s language, with an authentic English accent.
  • I’m ranked in the Top 10%  for many skills. 

Hire me, if you want to take your project to the next level!

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