I will record a great male voiceover today


I have extensive experience producing broadcast-standard audio for brands nation-wide!

I specialize in reading commercial copy for radio, television, internet-radio, and podcasts in English with a warm and natural delivery. My voice has been heard worldwide with clients like Telus Mobiliy, the Government of Canada, and countless local-direct clients seeking immediate results from their advertising campaigns.
There are a lot of sellers on here with the correct gear to get the job done, but none come with my experience building strong radio and television brands in major markets. I have a professional studio at my disposal at any time, so my turnaround rate is very quick.

If you order, I will…

  • Provide a high quality voiceover in English
  • Within 24 hours* (script length may change this)
  • Mix and master it for immediate use in your project

Place your order today!

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